主演:艾丽·范宁 内森·连恩 约翰·特托罗 查理·罗 弗朗西斯·德 




胡桃夹子:魔境冒险 里面有个小男主角 穿的那种红色衣服 是什么衣服 叫什么


《胡桃夹子 魔镜冒险》观后感 英文 80词

"The Nutcracker" was made for children and I think this film was OK for this age group. What did you expect? It has good special effects which were beautiful in 3D and an interesting storyline based on the famous tale by E.T.A. Hoffmann. The screenplay of this movie is very good, although it doesn't bring anything new to the famous story (from new, only the annoying character Uncle Albert played by Nathan Lane). Development of the plot doesn't contain any unexpected turns, and sometimes it's pretty boring, but I can't deny that the movie is quite lovely.Of course, "The Nutcracker" isn't perfect. Weak acting by Elle Fanning spoils many parts of this film. Dumb jokes are highly annoying and moreover they are obsolete.Also, plot has some holes, for example, chemistry between Mary and Nutcracker is stupid and unnecessary.Andrei Konchalovsky is a writer of some wonderful movies like "Andrei Rublyov" and "Bondage of Love" but his latest works as a director are not exceptional. "The Nutcracker" isn't his best film but not the worst. Normal Christmas movie which can entertain kids but not adults.